Ray Jin Reborn From Ruins Residential House
Reborn From Ruins Residential House is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Reborn From Ruins Residential House

The project is situated in ChangGe Village, Daxing County, in southwestern suburb of Beijing. The place had no water supply yet with a problem of lower interior floor elevation. To solve the core water issue, Evolution Design's architectural design process thoroughly considered the challenges of both water shortage and flood control with a low budget within a very short constructing time. In the end, they not only designed an effective system to recycle rain water but also made a great progress connecting the interior space with the natural environment.

Reborn From Ruins Residential House
Ray Jin Reborn From Ruins
Ray Jin Residential House
Ray Jin design
Ray Jin design
Ray Jin

Ray Jin has led the Beijing office since 2011 and is Evolution’s Chief Architect. Mr. Jin holds a Master’s Degree of Architecture from the University of Arizona, where his thesis project won the Excellence Design Award of the Year. Before studying in the US, Mr. Jin graduated at the top of his class from the Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Mr. Jin has more than 10 years of experience working overseas for prestigious architectural firms: NBBJ and Line & Space. Mr. Jin currently serves as the Chief Representative for Line & Space in the Greater China region, responsible for the firm’s Project in China. Mr. Jin was invited to be documented in the fourth episode of “Sweet Homes”, a reality show focusing on ordinary families, by BTV in 2015. In which show, his design of ChangGe Village Farm House Remodel Project provoked strong reactions within the society. And by 2016, Ray Jin has honorably won Andrew Martin Interior Design Award, the highest award of Interior Design. Mr. Jin then established the brand of farm stay yard called “Yard Seclusion” as one of the shareholders, in charge of all the constructing design as the Design Director for the brand. So far, Mr. Jin Has completed ShanZha Yard in Xiahujiao Village, Grandma’s Yard in Huangshandian Village and many other well-known projects of yard renovation design.

Evolution Design

Evolution Design LLC is a Beijing based boutique architecture firm specializing in providing architectural and interior design services for high-end customers from the private and institutional spaces. With more than 30 professional staffs, we deliver highly integrated solution, starting from architectural planning, interior design, landscape design, all the war to lighting design and accessories, to carry out customized design needs. Our current projects include residential buildings, club houses, restaurants and boutique hotels. Evolution's management is composed of a internationalized team, with rich experiences in the high-end design space and successfully completed numerous influential customized projects in China. We manage the design process based on a systematic approach: from conceptual design, thematic design to construction document and on-site service. We believe that a customized design proposal needs to help the client solve their problem, and our job is to find the best professional solution for the clients from the operational level. We believe in authentic design, coordinating every support function to participate in the design process from the project initiation, so that everyone understands what the client truly needs, or even uncover potential issues before the client does. We strive to refine every detail to ensure that the final design product is of the highest quality.