SimonLepuschitz,ZiyingLiao,YiZheng Careful! labyrinth Toy
Careful! labyrinth Toy is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Careful! labyrinth Toy

Careful is a flexible balance-labyrinth toy. The labyrinth can be self made by players through the layouts of magnetic wood pieces. The degree of difficulty varies with the number of inserted cylinders. Players need to be very careful to tilt the small ball to the right direction. Carful is a prison-made product . Therefore, each part of Careful is designed for simple manufacture. The old labyrinth toy is thus renewed.

Careful! labyrinth Toy
SimonLepuschitz,ZiyingLiao,YiZheng Careful!
SimonLepuschitz,ZiyingLiao,YiZheng labyrinth Toy
SimonLepuschitz,ZiyingLiao,YiZheng design
SimonLepuschitz,ZiyingLiao,YiZheng design

Haftsache is a German company, which aims at helping prisoners to return to society. On the one hand, Haftsache cooperates with universities to design products. On the other hand, it offers vocational education to prisoners, so that they are able to manufacture the products in prison-based factory and they can get more career opportunities in the future.