Tsung-Hua Yang Bestchem Corporate Identity
Bestchem Corporate Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Bestchem Corporate Identity

Bestchem is a Taiwanese chemical processing company specializing in printing materials. It aims to initiate a corporate transition through identity rebranding. The designers found that the company’s vision for developing products is to improve people’s lives through chemistry. The concept for the Metamorphosis VI system design arose from the company’s corporate mission and planned transition. Positive elements were incorporated into the logo to close the gap between company and customer, create a brand image of trust and reputability, and form a diversified, international commercial entity.

Bestchem Corporate Identity
Tsung-Hua Yang Bestchem
Tsung-Hua Yang Corporate Identity
Tsung-Hua Yang design
Tsung-Hua Yang design
Tsung-Hua Yang

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BESTCHEM, a Taiwanese chemical processing company founded in 1969, initially focused on the production and marketing of raw materials for textile printing, such as printing pastes, color pastes, and additives. The company has since shifted its business model towards diversified development, producing safe household cleaners, nano-photocatalysts, and special-purpose chemicals.