Kube Arquitetura Mirante Paineiras Restaurant
Mirante Paineiras Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Mirante Paineiras Restaurant

The idea behind the project for Mirante Paineiras was to integrate the restaurant with the visitors but also unite it to nature that surrounds the center it's in. Even though the building was not designated as a historic site, Kube decided to keep the original materials as a valorization of the antique construction. The floors and tiles were preserved and the studio designed copper lamps, a wooden counter, black square-lined doors and two wooden trees that bring a sophisticated yet contemporary feeling to the original elements of the space.

Mirante Paineiras Restaurant
Kube Arquitetura Mirante Paineiras
Kube Arquitetura Restaurant
Kube Arquitetura design
Kube Arquitetura design
Paineiras Corcovado

Recently refurnished, Mirante Paineiras Restaurant is an unique place, with two exclusive areas and a deck inside Tijuca Forest. It's an unique experience of flavours and feelings. It focus on international cuisine but also offers tipically Brazilian famous dishes, such as feijoada.