Ingrid Kulper Jigzaw Stardust Adaptable multipurpose carpet
Jigzaw Stardust Adaptable multipurpose carpet is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Jigzaw Stardust Adaptable multipurpose carpet

The rugs are made in rhombs and hexagons, easy to place next to each other with an antislip surface. Perfect to cover floors and even for the walls to reduce disturbing sounds. The pieces are coming in 2 different kinds. The light pink pieces are hand tufted in NZ wool with embroidered lines in banana fiber. The Blue pieces are printed on wool. It is possible for the customer to order larger or smaller hexagons with the additional rhombs according to the

Jigzaw Stardust Adaptable multipurpose carpet
Ingrid Kulper Jigzaw Stardust
Ingrid Kulper Adaptable multipurpose carpet
Ingrid Kulper design
Ingrid Kulper design
Ingrid Kulper

Mattahari originates from Matahari which means the center from the sun and was founded by Ingrid Kulper in 2008. The belief that color and form in our surrounding contributes to our wellbeing both consciously and unconsciously is the main focus of Mattahari. Using only natural materials like Bamboo fiber, wool and bananafiber in all Mattaharis products. The design is based on sacred geometry and all the different patterns found in nature, like the sunflower and pinecone. Speciality: Unique custom made rugs for projects and private homes

Ingrid kulper design AB

Passion for geometry is the inspiration for this puzzel rug. The main focus for this product was to create a rug which will be easy to transport and still have the option to cover any size space and floor. All pieces have small anti slide triangles fastened under each rug piece. The rugs can also be placed on the walls for sound reduction. All our rug designs are made to order and the client can decide the size and color of each piece. We are using natural fibers like bamboo fiber banana fiber and NZ wool.