Mike Amirov Cakes Corporate Identity
Cakes Corporate Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Cakes Corporate Identity

We created the logo combining first letters of the brand name. In this logo characters C and F make a form of a layer cake. Furthermore, arrangement of the sign and the brand name in three lines also symbolize cakes topping. This idea was implemented into the package design. Olive pit pattern is covered with transparent lacquer to give the surface finish. The logotype is pressed with golden foil.

Cakes Corporate Identity
Mike Amirov Cakes
Mike Amirov Corporate Identity
Mike Amirov design
Mike Amirov design

Studio was established in 2015 to develop visual communications of the brand in the corporate and consumer segments. RENOVARTIO is aware of trends, but still generates special and unique styles in design. The studio works on the creation of names, logos, brand identity, package design, web design, and is not limited to only these things and create a brand and support it for its entire lifetime. The relationship with the client is built on principles of long-term cooperation and mutual respect. RENOVARTIO believes that the main thing in design is communication.