Amanda Gerbasi Tetrahedron Ring
Tetrahedron Ring is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Tetrahedron Ring

The objective of this design was to integrate the sharp lines of the tetrahedron form to the organic shape of the human finger while still retaining the essence of this geometric shape. This was achieved by creating a complex non-linear geometry that remains simple in appearance. This sharpness was extrapolated by making most complimentary elements of the ring triangular in section, including the green tourmaline at its centre. The result is a visually striking yet ergonomic ring.

Tetrahedron  Ring
Amanda Gerbasi Tetrahedron
Amanda Gerbasi Ring
Amanda Gerbasi design
Amanda Gerbasi design
Amanda Gerbasi

Coming from a family of artists Amanda understands design as form of art, and art as an expression of freedom. Human culture is strongly expressed through art and jewellery is one of the oldest forms of art in the history of humankind. Creative design walks hand in hand with innovation. There has never been so much technology available to creatively innovate in design as there is today. Using her passion for both art and technology, Amanda strives to push the boundaries of jewellery design and manufacturing and is an enthusiastic participant in shaping the culture of our times.


KATTRI was founded in 2013 by Amanda Gerbasi out of a passion for art, design and gemstones. Amanda believes all art is an expression of freedom. Her approach is intuitive and fuelled by the creative energy born out of the endlessly stimulating journey of life. Amanda imagine shapes by attentively perceiving the world, its patterns and outlines; keeping them in mind - running them in the background - until something new is engendered into the world. Her work embodies the merged forces of a participating consciousness and the untold stories of the unconscious.