ChungSheng Chen ChuangHua Tracery Furniture Set
ChuangHua Tracery Furniture Set is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
ChuangHua Tracery Furniture Set

ChuangHua Tracery fit for home deco, commercial space , hotel or studio which its essence inspired by ChuangHua, the Chinese window grilles pattern. Using sheet metal bending technology and powder paint coating in vivid reddish color setting off with purely white that enlightened its festive looked, making them free from the metallic image of hard, cold and heavy. Aesthetically simple clean and neat in its structural shape designed, when light pass through the laser cutting tracery pattern, the shadow projected onto the surrounding wall and floor that shows a glimpse of beauty.

ChuangHua Tracery Furniture Set
ChungSheng Chen ChuangHua Tracery
ChungSheng Chen Furniture Set
ChungSheng Chen design
ChungSheng Chen design
ChungSheng Chen

Prof. Chen holding a Master and Bachelor degree of Industrial Design, he has been an associate professor teaching product design, creative design thinking in University for more than 29 years. Being a practice designer and a university design instructor, he played an active role in creative design industry, with few hundreds of products he had designed and awarded with lots of merits and accolades. He had instructed few hundreds award winning works and projects from students he taught. He also established his own design studio focusing in strategic design thinking, product planning and branding services, helping many SME companies to acquire project funding from government.

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ACDC Creative is a brand that focusing on the designers’ passion towards their daily life. They design and create products with full passion, supported by the world class quality and exquisite manufacturing Technology. Condensing different design thinking with variety of materials and production methods, resonate with each other that bring out the creative spark to manifest multi diversification of aesthetic style, showing the value of cross-over in design thinking.Happy Garden in Riotous Color as the essence of the design, bringing the glorious harmony, joyful and pleasure atmosphere, presenting passionate energy from the inner depths of the designers, to create the infinite fascination world with Smile + Happiness + Enjoyment.