NowHere® Design Limited LaPuro Medical Beauty Centre
LaPuro Medical Beauty Centre is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
LaPuro Medical Beauty Centre

Design is more than good aesthetics. It is the way the space is used. The medical centre integrated form and function as one. Understanding the users’ demands and give them an experience of all the subtle touches in the surrounding environment that feels relieving and genuinely caring. Design and new technology system provide solutions to the user and easy to manage. Considering health, wellbeing and medical, the centre adopted environmentally sustainable materials and monitor the construction process. All elements are integrated into the design where is truly suitable for the users.

LaPuro Medical Beauty Centre
NowHere® Design Limited LaPuro
NowHere® Design Limited Medical Beauty Centre
NowHere® Design Limited design
NowHere® Design Limited design
NowHere® Design Limited

Tony LAU Chi-Hoi, Founder and Creative Director of NowHere® Design Ltd. is a renowned designer who holds professional qualifications like HKDA (Exco) and HKIDA (Pro). His works focus on interior architecture, property branding and sustainable design. He is awarded CSD design award and Gold Award of A’ Design Award (Milan, Italy)., also a distinctive finalist of International Green Interior Awards (Australia) etc.. As the Committee Chairman of Hong Kong Designers Association GDA 2015-16 , he leads NowHere® to obtain ISO qualification and over 120 international design, sustainability and CSR awards, including the Gold Award: Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) , the “Oscars Award of Hong Kong environmental-conservation” and Bronze Award of BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards. www.NowHere.HK

NowHere® Design Limited

Pursuing Truth, Goodness and Beauty in art and manipulating designs base on Faith, Hope and Love Founder of NowHere® Design Ltd.- Tony LAU is known as famous award-winning designer in Asia. Tony holds several professional qualifications including HKDA(ExCo), HKIDA(Pro) and MCSD/Chartered Designer UK2007. His other roles include HKDA-Global Design Award 2015-16 Committee Chairman, TV host, columnist and lecturer. After his graduation from HKPolyU with BA(Hons) in Interior Design, he continued his study in Central Saint Martins, UK and was credited with CSD Interior Design Award. With his almost twenty-year experience in developing brand and space image for enterprises, his topnotch design projects spread out from Asia to Europe.