Lollypop Design Studio Batchly Web Application
Batchly Web Application is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Batchly Web Application

Batchly SaaS based platform enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers in reducing their costs. The web app design in the product is unique and appealing as it enables user to perform various functions from a single point without leaving the page and also considers providing a bird eye view of all the data that matters to the administrators. The focus has also been given in presenting the product through its website and has been designed to communicate its USP in the first 5 seconds itself. The colours used herein are vibrant and icons and illustrations help makes the website interactive.

Batchly Web Application
Lollypop Design Studio Batchly
Lollypop Design Studio Web Application
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Lollypop Design Studio design
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Mr. Anil Reddy is a Founder & Design Director of the multi-award-winning design studio called Lollypop. He envisions to ‘Humanize Technology’ and has been working relentlessly for the past 17 years to empower people with good design. He is also actively involved in building smart design ecosystems and have been invited for talks, workshops, conferences, and jury panels by many.


Batchly is a global cloud management platform used by AWS customers to run their business-critical web services, batch and big data applications. The business helps AWS users to reduce their cost in a friction less manner. The design inclination of the clients is what differentiates it from many other players in the market. They visualized a user-friendly dashboard which would reduce the time of the admin drastically and would make the task easier for the users. The grouping of multiple functions and the ability to perform tasks from a single dashboard cuts down the tedious work on one hand and on other hand the admin can monitor various tasks and all other required information in the landing page of dashboard itself; it summarizes the savings, no. of tasks, dates and people assigned to it. The design language used is also visually appealing and breaks the monotony of data driven websites; the vibrant colors and icons and illustrations helps Batchly become intuitive and interactive for the users.