Pip Tompkin Design Double Cross Game Packaging
Double Cross Game Packaging is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Double Cross Game Packaging

The packaging for Mr. Pip's Double Cross was designed to showcase the unique and iconic form of this new and wildly fun tabletop game. With a game made to be displayed as modern decor, molded packaging was developed from environmentally friendly paper pulp, to showcase the game's design. This also allows the packaging to be stacked with multiple units tessellating, dramatically conserve shelf and shipping space. Rubber bands were selected to remove the need for glue, which also allows the product to be accessed without damage to the packaging.

Double Cross Game Packaging
Pip Tompkin Design Double Cross
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Pip Tompkin Design design
Mr. Pip

Behind the Mr. Pip brand is Pip Tompkin Design Studio, an award-winning design consultancy in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Pip is a new brand of displayable luxury games that serve as a reminder to this generation and those hereafter, to reconnect and live playful.