Pip Tompkin Design Double Cross Game Decor
Double Cross Game Decor is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Double Cross Game Decor

Mr. Pip's Double Cross is a dice game that is also designed to be a sculptural object that users prefer to leave out, serving as a reminder to play. The game is a wild, fast, and hilarious party game, which re-imagines Liar’s Dice, the most popular dice game in the world. The form is made up from 6 cups which come together around a central hub that contains 30 playing dice, Made for 2-6 players. When not in use, the parts collectively form a modern object meant to be left out as decor. The game transcends cultural differences and language barriers to connect people from all backgrounds.

Double Cross Game Decor
Pip Tompkin Design Double Cross
Pip Tompkin Design Game Decor
Pip Tompkin Design design
Pip Tompkin Design design
Mr. Pip

Behind the Mr. Pip brand is Pip Tompkin Design Studio, an award-winning design consultancy in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Pip is a new brand of displayable luxury games that serve as a reminder to this generation and those hereafter, to reconnect and live playful.