BLOK Dnd Mosquito Repellent
Dnd Mosquito Repellent is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Dnd Mosquito Repellent

DND is a new brand of innovative mosquito repellent products in India. The studio developed the identity & packaging from the brand's inception. For their fastest selling product, the focus was on its packaging communicating the brand's innovative personality. The logo, (inspired by keyholes referring to Do-Not-Disturb) transforms itself into a functional element for the packaging, acting as a hook for the boxes to be hung at retail display units as well as a detachable DND hanger as a memorable keepsake for customers to hang on their home door knobs.

Dnd Mosquito Repellent
BLOK Mosquito Repellent
BLOK design
BLOK design

BLŌK is the multidisciplinary design practice of Vaishnavi Mahendran (India) and Žarko Dumičić (Croatia). BLŌK focuses on working with cultural and commercial clients as well as not-for-profit organizations locally and internationally. Drawing from the two partners' individual cultural backgrounds from India and Europe, they work towards creating strong, project-specific design solutions for their clients often exploring design synergies between eastern and western cultural influences, resulting in a unique Indo-European design aesthetic that is specially tailored to cater to a global audience. BLŌK also passionately pursues its self initiated projects, with these projects often providing a strong source of inspiration for the studio's commercial work. Vaishnavi and Žarko are graduate alumni of Parsons, the New School for Design, New York.


‘DND’- Do Not Disturb is a mosquito repellent brand launched by Global Consumer Products Pvt. of the fastest growing FMCG companies in India. They are designed to provide effective prevention against entry of mosquitos as a proactive solution rather than a conventional protection approach. The brand promises some world class innovations, with the brand introducing breakthrough innovations such as the Turbo Fan Technology which spreads the active faster and farther, addressing the long felt need of Indian consumers.