Mohammad Afkhami khaleghdar Pnote Application
Pnote Application is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Pnote Application

Pnote is an application based on AR technology to allow people to virtually stick private notes and reminders anywhere using their smartphones and share them with others if they want to. You can simply leave notes at a certain location that can only be seen by you through your smartphone’s camera or specific others whom you add to your viewer’s list. Not only it drastically increases privacy, it’s an exciting way to write notes and hide them.

Pnote Application
Mohammad Afkhami khaleghdar Pnote
Mohammad Afkhami khaleghdar Application
Mohammad Afkhami khaleghdar design
Mohammad Afkhami khaleghdar design
Mohammad Afkhami khaleghdar

Mohammad Afkhami is a young Architect and industrial designer who has an interdisciplinary approach into interaction design. He uses technology in order to design devices and services that could make people's everyday lives easier.In his professional field, he is an idea developer who searches for simple creative solutions for gaining efficient practical results. He is mainly focused on cultural studies which are reflected in his international designs.his main aim is to design user friendly devices and services that can bring different cultures together.

Noghteh Design

We formed Noghteh Design in 2016. As a group of young designers, Our primary focus is on daily products that people use, to find out their errors so can offer a user friendly, understandable, fun and easy to use solutions which can be better handled. sustainability is an essential factor in most of our projects in aspect of energy and material consumption along creating added values in products. Sent from my iPhone