Plus 360 Degrees Classic Cars Website
Classic Cars Website is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Classic Cars Website

Car Visualizer Classics combines a vision of car culture and gaming culture in a single medium. It is a real-time 3D gallery in which a selection of classic vehicles produced in the 1960s is presented. State of the art technology has been developed and used to achieve the final design and imagery. The users have the possibility to explore the vehicles from all the angles, in any modern browser and device. Retro electronic music adapted for the project accompanies the experience.

Classic Cars Website
Plus 360 Degrees Classic Cars
Plus 360 Degrees Website
Plus 360 Degrees design
Plus 360 Degrees design
Plus 360 Degrees

Plus 360 Degrees has been pioneering with the real-time 3D technologies on the Web for the past years and continues to do so. Major challenges have been overcome by the company, who is pursuing in creating the most realistic visual results within the broad Web environment. The company has been doing extensive research and tests in finding the proper ways to reach the most users and devices, keeping in mind the complexity of this diverse environment. The company created various projects in different areas, like automotive, architectural visualizatios, product visualizations, real-time cinematic experiences and artistic representations.

Plus 360 Degrees

Plus 360 Degrees is an independent studio based in Bremen, Germany. It was founded with the aim to create customized high-end real-time 3D experiences for brands and agencies. Our most well-known works are vehicle configurators, where the users can explore and customize vehicles from any angle. In addition to pioneering new solutions for the automotive industry, we also cater to the aerospace, architecture, fashion and industrial design sectors. In order that we may offer our clients the latest and most advanced solutions, we are in a constant state of research and development. This is why we are always pushing the boundaries of current technology as well as testing different methods of delivering compelling content to end users. We seek theĀ unionĀ of art and performance, knowing that for the best result, the two must always go hand in hand. Our team takes advantage of the power of WebGL to deploy applications for a wide variety of computers and devices.