Camille Busson Saphir Poetic car
Saphir Poetic car is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Saphir Poetic car

This concept car is a poetic vision of what could be the sound of an electric car. It works like a wind instrument, more precisely an organ pipe except that you need to drive it to supply in air the inboard instrument. Each road, each street becomes a very unique track where to play and have a non usual experiment of driving. It is created for someone who loves to experiment, who loves timeless cars and especially experimental music.

Saphir Poetic car
Camille Busson Saphir
Camille Busson Poetic car
Camille Busson design
Camille Busson design
Camille Busson

What matter the most about his work, is to always search to create something different. To copy is to steal. Everyone has his own inspirations, mostly about personnal life and this is the base to improve. When he sees some realisations of his friends or some piece of art, he will always do his best to imagine something completely different.

Design Le Ponceur

Design Le Ponceur is about the volume and its importance in every design. It can be about automotive or motorcycling design, sculpture, jewelry.. The pleasure we have while watch a beautiful object, thanks to the attention to the detail and the shape it can have, the charm of the handmade, it is just priceless. Of course the need of the client is the first goal, if he wants something futuristic or if he wants something classic, it is our duty to make it. But at Design Le Ponceur, the goal is to create something timeless and always original.