Akif Ekin Ekin Bike Patrol Smart Patrol Bike
Ekin Bike Patrol Smart Patrol Bike is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
Ekin Bike Patrol Smart Patrol Bike

Ekin Bike Patrol is the first and only smart bike patrol of the world which is capable of automatic number plate recognition and parking violation detection on the move. Ekin Bike Patrol is a high-tech mobile enforcement product designed for bicycles. Being suitable for any kind of patrol bikes, Ekin Bike Patrol is aimed to bring order into the traffic and prevent the chaos caused by parking violations.

Ekin Bike Patrol Smart Patrol Bike
Akif Ekin Ekin Bike Patrol
Akif Ekin Smart Patrol Bike
Akif Ekin design
Akif Ekin design
Ekin - Leader in Safe City Technologies

Since its establishment in 1998, the Leader in Safe City Technologies, Ekin has been leading the way to more secure cities all over the world at its headquarter in Istanbul and branch offices Stuttgart, Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Baku, Dubai and New York. Starting with developing safety technologies for NATO Summit 2004 and FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, Ekin had built over 500 “City Safety Control Centers” all around the world until today and became the pioneer in city safety technologies. As the inventor of mobile surveillance systems in safe city technologies, Ekin services ultimate safety to public with Ekin Patrol, the world’s first and only smart patrol which is capable of speed detection, face recognition, plate recognition continuously and simultaneously and turns every vehicle into smart patrol vehicle. Ekin’s mobile and fixed surveillance systems are totally compatible with the state-of-art software; Red Eagle – “Safe City Operation System”. Red Eagle is an integrated operation system that manages all city systems such as surveillance systems, face recognition, plate recognition, speed detection, parking violation detection, smart intersection control and system control software. Ekin has won world’s prestigious awards with the pioneer mobile surveillance products; Ekin Patrol and Ekin Bike Patrol, such as "Stevie Awards Best New Product-Bronze” two years in a row, German Design Award-Special Mention and A-Design Silver Award. With its state-of-art solutions and products, Ekin had won “Game Changer” title in World Technology Awards 2014 and succeeded to be one of 5 finalists with competitors like Google Glass, LinkedIn. Two years in a row Stevie Awards “Most Innovative Company” bronze award winner Ekin’s mission is to make the modern cities safer and smarter with tremendous effort on its entire software, hardware and design.