Karolis Bakunas Reed precision Turntable
Reed precision Turntable is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Reed precision Turntable

“Reed precision” is made of valued quality materials. As seen in the picture, the central part in this turntable is tonearm disc. The disc enables to use different length tonearms and adjust them. The author combined the design with new engineering solutions with aim to make player look light, modern and luxury. Every function is controlled by hand, so a user is more involved in the entire playing process. This turntable is designed for an audiophile who adores the absolute quality of music and to whom music is an inherent part of life.

Reed precision Turntable
Karolis Bakunas Reed precision
Karolis Bakunas Turntable
Karolis Bakunas design
Karolis Bakunas design
Karolis Bakunas

I'am designer and looking for a challenge design something new in audio equipment. It could be speakers, amplifiers, turntables ant etc. I always make design good till the last detail. I am not afraid of challenges and I really know my work well. As a young professional I have lots of experience in product design. ltd

The company was established in 2007. Company's profile is Hi-End sound equipment: turntables and their accessories. Their products are famous for quality and updated engineering solutions. During 10 years, many products came to market. Several turntables and tonearms. Turntable "Muse 3C" was awarded a Red Dot and IF design awards. Also, tonearm "3C"won a Red Dot design award.