Étiquette design agency Krupnikas Packaging
Krupnikas Packaging is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Krupnikas Packaging

Goal of our packaging for traditional local honey liqueur Krupnik was to make the product stand out and better represent its quality, taste and craftsmanship. Honey is the base of the drink, and was chosen as a key element to convey its great taste for the drinkers. An illustration of the bee serves as the main element of the design. Finishing effects such as tactile UV varnish, gold foil and embossing makes the composition elements stand out and makes the product more credible as a souvenir.

Krupnikas Packaging
Étiquette design agency Krupnikas
Étiquette design agency Packaging
Étiquette design agency design
Étiquette design agency design

STUMBRAS is one of the largest producers of distilled beverages in the Baltic States. Established in 1906, the company now exports its products to approximately 30 different countries. STUMBRAS beverages are created according to unique recipes that go as far back as the late-19th century, as well as modern, original recipes. Special attention is given to naturalness and expertise, without fear of unexpected solutions and bold challenges. This is what makes STUMBRAS special – walking the path of innovation, the company is able to incarnate more than 100 years of experience, knowledge and traditions, fusing methods of classic production with new technologies to create popular beverages which represent Lithuania.