Marcelo Lopes Design Design is Installation exhibition
Design is Installation exhibition is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Design is Installation exhibition

Design is…, a selection of Brazilian Design group displayed in two hundred colorful mobiles. Each piece, in the shape of a cube, portrayed a different definition of design by creators and creatures from the universe of Brazilian Design, with less than a hundred characters. The installation created a moment for everyone to look up – a unique experience that challenged visitors’ perspectives, as if they were was seeking out stars in a constellation. Each has its own brilliance, but together they form a universe to be explored. It was a conceptual big bang.

Design is Installation exhibition
Marcelo Lopes Design Design is
Marcelo Lopes Design Installation exhibition
Marcelo Lopes Design design
Marcelo Lopes Design design
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