Ronghao Jin Hyku Mobile application
Hyku Mobile application is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Hyku Mobile application

The design is focused on deriving maximum value out of Hyku’s twenty-two patents, centered around second screen synchronization with television programming or live streaming. On the main page, large panels indicate current TV shows, while intuitive guidance allows users of all technological competence to smoothly navigate the app. Within each show, this design aesthetically displays Hyku’s perfected synced content, whether it is e-commerce, user interactions, or additional information.

Hyku Mobile application
Ronghao Jin Hyku
Ronghao Jin Mobile application
Ronghao Jin design
Ronghao Jin design
Ronghao Jin

Jin Ronghao, an experienced designer with strong human-computer interaction background, is responsible for the UI design of the Hyku app, which aims to provide good user experience. With a strong passion for design, he keeps seeking improvements, while exploring the cutting edge of aesthetics, beauty and efficiency. He won the prestigious Red Dot Design award, for the best of the best design in 2013. He holds a Masters degree from Southwest Jiaotong University.


Hyku is a television and second screen application, available for Android or Apple devices. Backed by twenty-two patents, Hyku’s main feature syncs mobile phone content with shows on television or streamed programming directly on the application itself. All content is created by the show’s own production team, and is accurately synced to within a second when the show airs for the first time. Examples of content include background music available for download, merchandise or shirts available for instant purchase, or relevant pictures and information. Other features allow users to vote, to answer trivia questions or to interact in other ways. The goal is to provide an enhanced second screen experience, with more clickable content and interactions, all synced along with the television program. Additionally, Hyku’s features include a social network, which connects its many users through messages and shared content – creating a community of interacting fans. For sports television, Hyku Duels is a built-in game, which is a patent-pending user versus user wagering system. Lastly, Hyku ties it all together with a virtual economy, allowing users to earn coins, redeemable for real products in its marketplace. All Hyku’s features are combined with an aesthetically-pleasing design. This simple, yet intuitive user interface accentuates Hyku’s advantages, while reducing the learning curve.