Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group Technokosmeda 5000X Cosmetic appliances
Technokosmeda 5000X Cosmetic appliances is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Technokosmeda 5000X Cosmetic appliances

Clear shapes, accomplishment of metal and plastic combination are definitions of ultrasonic devices family design. The author's goal was to make new looking and aesthetic design for the whole family of products. Bluetooth technology used instead of wires for ultrasonic heads enables devices to be used in a comfortable way. Trolley is designed for carrying and operating 5 ultrasonic devices and makes the skin look younger and nicer. A 10 inch touch screen is installed in the trolley and a 7 inch screen is put in the smaller device. The smaller device is used to have 3 ultrasonic heads.

Technokosmeda 5000X Cosmetic appliances
Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group Technokosmeda 5000X
Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group Cosmetic appliances
Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group design
Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group design
Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group

Entech Group is a Lithuanian industrial design and engineering company. Team has rich experience in the development of new industrial products. Professionals have expertise in a variety of fields. Development of a new concept, appearance of a product involves cooperation with engineers, technologists, production equipment manufacturers and product assemblers. Company can produce the most suitable and attractive design for simple home electronics and industrial equipment.

Technokosmeda Ltd

Technokosmeda is company that makes ultrasound devices for cosmetic procedures. Company has ultrasound research department where they are developing ultrasound technology. Company is developing new products line which consists of: Trolley, 5 ultrasonic heads for office use and 1 ultrasonic head for home use. Technokosmeda has a product name "HQSONIC"