Cengiz Sentürk Arc Outdoor Lighting
Arc Outdoor Lighting is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Arc Outdoor Lighting

The most important features that distinguish this design from others are; its' adjustable angle, and modular form of the head. While adjustable head provides desired angle options for direct lighting for any concept, modular form gives variety options to architects to find a form that is compatible with nature. In addition to aesthetic advantages, the product is designed with LED technology. Compared to old-fashioned conventional products, LED products are more environmentally friendly with less energy consumption, and operates with higher efficiency in the same energy zone.

Arc Outdoor Lighting
Cengiz Sentürk Arc
Cengiz Sentürk Outdoor Lighting
Cengiz Sentürk design
Cengiz Sentürk design
Cengiz Sentürk

Cengiz Şentürk is the CEO and co-founder of Fiberli which is a brand of PSL Electronic. He has an active role in making Fiberli an innovative brand. As a result; Fiberli became the first Turkish company that uses fiber optic lighting systems in 1991. He continuously influences and encourages his team to make difference in people's life with a very environmentally conscious approach. In addition to that, the brand is known for providing very flexible solutions for challenging projects thanks to the it's visionary R&D team.


Fiberli creates new designs with its experienced art directors, engineers, lighting designers and industrial designers. Design and Engineering department provides custom designs that are the key feature which make Fiberli different from its competitors. The main objective of Fiberli is to realize successful applications, which are aesthetic, high quality and providing energy efficiency, with perfect design and engineering. Thus, our team follows new technologies, innovations and global trends by contacting the world's leading markets. Analytical studies on designs, professional engineering and prototype experiments are the main features of Fiberli's high quality.