Guangchao Wei Rebirth Public Seats
Rebirth Public Seats is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Rebirth Public Seats

The way of using construction waste residue as the concrete aggregate is an effective approach to dispose the construction waste residue. Using the construction waste residue in outdoor public infrastructure can reduce the construction waste’s harm on the environment and have positive role in the whole society and environment.

Rebirth Public Seats
Guangchao Wei Rebirth
Guangchao Wei Public Seats
Guangchao Wei design
Guangchao Wei design
Guangchao Wei

Southwest Jiao Tong University Product Design R&D center belongs to the Southwest Jiao Tong University Department.The R&D center has many design patents and it also provides design services for various companies such as SHU DU buses company. Southwest Jiao Tong University research aims to find many new energy systems and try to use it to design many new high technology products. Professor Huang Tao, our team's tutor, is a member of the German Industrial Design Association and of the American Association of Industrial Design. He got numerous awards such as the Red Dot Design Award( red-dot Supreme Award) , the IF Concept Design Award in Germany , the IDEA Industrial Design Award and lite-on Award to name a few.

Southwest Jiaotong University

Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) was founded in 1896 and is one of China’s oldest higher education institutions. Known as the cradle of China’s railway engineers and “the Cornell of the East”, SWJTU is the birthplace of China’s modern education in transportation, mining & metallurgy and civil engineering. Through its history, the university has adopted different names such as “Imperial Chinese Railway College at Shanhaiguan by Beiyang Railway Bureau”, “Tangshan Jiaotong University” and “Tangshan Institute of Railway”.