Asta Kauspedaite Alita Bottle design and labels
Alita Bottle design and labels is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Alita Bottle design and labels

The main goal of the redesign is to increase the overall brand awareness and highlight the distinctive features such as classical production methods, raw materials and quality. The complete rebranding of ALITA includes a new bottle, renewed logo, monograph, capsule and label design. The products now have more elements specific to the category of sparkling wine and champagne with an introduction of a light classical touch and some solidity but retaining overall a rather modern and light feel.

Alita Bottle design and labels
Asta Kauspedaite Alita
Asta Kauspedaite Bottle design and labels
Asta Kauspedaite design
Asta Kauspedaite design
Mv Group

One of the largest corporate groups in the Baltic States, MV GROUP unites MG Baltic’s companies: alcoholic beverage manufacturer MV Group production which has three factories: Stumbras, Alita and Anykščių vynas; Mineraliniai vandenys, which is the leading wholesaler of alcohol, tobacco and other consumer goods in the Baltic countries, as well as its subsidiaries in Latvia (MV Latvia), Estonia (MV Eesti) and Poland (MV Poland); and Tromina – one of the most innovative and stable logistics companies in Lithuania.