Yunhyun Park Playful Energy Future Scenarios
Playful Energy Future Scenarios is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Energy Products, Projects and Devices Design Award Category.
Playful Energy Future Scenarios

Playful Energy is an experimental study that focuses on the intersection of environmental, social, cultural and economic systems through the lenses of the sciences, social sciences and humanities. This research aims to contribute towards energy harvesting from the human movement and encourage people’s sustainable behavior through playful and poetic experiences. It provides an insight into the cultural value of future technology and design, which aims to understand the various aspect of the relationship between alternative energy sources and human life.

Playful Energy Future Scenarios
Yunhyun Park Playful Energy
Yunhyun Park Future Scenarios
Yunhyun Park design
Yunhyun Park design
Yunhyun Park

"Nana has demonstrated her ability to engage with the challenges of these producing interesting and creative outcomes. In all Design Studios, Nana has achieved outstanding results. She brings an air of maturity and passion to her study and applies herself seriously to whatever her task may be." V.Victoria -Chair of School of design at RMIT

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The activities at the Institute Integrative Design are dedicated to a practice that combines expertise in the fields of design, the arts, the humanities and technology in a poietic process. We foster an understanding of relationships in systems, networks, cycles and in value-creation-chains that take charge of the involved stakeholders.