Ali Alavi Tar Hi-ENd Wireless Loudspeaker
Tar Hi-ENd Wireless Loudspeaker is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Tar Hi-ENd Wireless Loudspeaker

Tar speaker is inspired by Tar instrument. Tar is an Iranian (Persian) instrument from ancient era. We designed this speaker with keeping an eye on the instrument as a cultural element in eastern Persian art society. Not every loudspeaker in the world market is designed in this way. Tar consumes a pretty small footprint and its ergonomic structure lets the user to place it easily anywhere in the interior spaces and it would be able to retain a wide dispersion sound filed where just everyone in the house can hear a relatively consistent music.

Tar Hi-ENd Wireless Loudspeaker
Ali Alavi Tar
Ali Alavi Hi-ENd Wireless Loudspeaker
Ali Alavi design
Ali Alavi design
Ali Alavi

Ali Alavi is a Tehran based Architect, Designer and Photographer. He was born in 1978 and got his master's degree in Architecture from Tehran Azad University in 2008. He started his artistic career as a teenager in graphic designing and continued to become a photographer in a few years. He continued to work as an industrial designer when he was studying architecture and after ten years of experience, due to his lifetime passion he started the ALI ALAVI DESIGN brand.


Khaudio is a research and development and manufacturing company that designs and builds loudspeaker for various of applications. it includes experts of different fields such as electronic engineering, metallurgy, acoustic and electro-acoustic and sound physic engineering and all the experts work together in a close knit group. all the members have a great passion in what they do. The main goal of the company is to design and build speakers that sound exactly like live music and also is stylish in the design form.