Andrew Perkins Edge Dominos Game
Edge Dominos Game is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Edge Dominos Game

Edge Dominos preserves the traditional number pattern and game play but innovates by reducing the tile design down to only the numbers and walls, with no material wasted. Travel-size and light weight, Edge Dominos works just as well on-the-go as it does around the home. The extruded aluminum structure combined with a strong black anodized finish and laser engraved number pattern ensures a durable design that will last a lifetime. The 28-piece set is entirely made in the USA and is available in a cotton carry bag or display worthy wood box.

Edge Dominos Game
Andrew Perkins Edge Dominos
Andrew Perkins Game
Andrew Perkins design
Andrew Perkins design
Andrew Perkins

Industrial designer Andrew Perkins created Fire Road as a platform to bring timeless, functional and sustainable objects to production. Believing that some products will always endure despite shifting trends or advances in technology, Andrew focuses on the intersection of craft and advanced manufacturing to bring new life to iconic and irreplaceable objects. By following a design philosophy that strips each idea down to its core principles, every feature and detail on Fire Road products has a purpose. With a background in modern furniture and lighting design, Andrew brings a minimalist design aesthetic, a tactile sense for materials and extensive production experience to each endeavor.

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Founded in San Francisco, CA in 2015, Fire Road is a design brand focused on creating irreplaceable home goods with unique material combinations, minimalist design and excellent function. Fire Road products are made to last in the USA and strive to support simple pleasures through a devotion to utility and aesthetics. Fire Road combines modern production with superior craftsmanship to create innovative and inviting accessories for the home.