Simon Kooymans Donation Point Tap Cashless Donation Acceptor
Donation Point Tap Cashless Donation Acceptor is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Social Design Award Category.
Donation Point Tap Cashless Donation Acceptor

Donation Point Tap is a Contactless counter-top device that enables charities to quickly accept low value donations using a credit or debit card. Compact and cost-effective, Donation Point Tap is portable and small in footprint. The pre-set donation amount can be changed at any time through the online Quest Cloud EFTPOS website. Donation Point Tap processes a ‘set’ donation amount such as $2. Donors simply tap their card to make a donation. Donation Point Tap can be placed on a retail counter or in store with charity partners such as supermarkets or cafes.

Donation Point Tap Cashless Donation Acceptor
Simon Kooymans Donation Point Tap
Simon Kooymans Cashless Donation Acceptor
Simon Kooymans design
Simon Kooymans design
Simon Kooymans

With over 20 years in the product development field, Simon is a multi-award winning, tertiary qualified industrial designer with a passion for designing beautiful, useful and enduring products. With both consulting and ODM experience, working with micro businesses/ SMEs to multinational corporations across healthcare, recreational and industrial sectors. Simon is a well-rounded hands-on designer capable of also mentoring and leading teams in the development of highly complex technology products.

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