Ketan Jawdekar Dalchini Indian Restaurant
Dalchini Indian Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Dalchini Indian Restaurant

The childhood memories are always cherished and one gets emotional over the sense of nostalgia and gets connected immediately with the place. These memories have been our moments of joy as you recollect them with family and friends. The designers have used stacks of news paper to represent the monotonous and busy city life where as the subtle use of childhood paper craft gives it a relief and emotional connect; the sense of belonging with the place as you enjoy Indian mother’s recipe at Dalchini. Designers have emphasised on using recycled and natural materials that was an essence of décor.

Dalchini Indian Restaurant
Ketan Jawdekar Dalchini
Ketan Jawdekar Indian Restaurant
Ketan Jawdekar design
Ketan Jawdekar design
Ketan Jawdekar

Born artist and architect by profession, Ketan is a founder and creative director of Studio K-7 having over 27 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior design. His tangential thinking and the abstract approach towards design have won many accolades and have delivered some of the world- class projects. His strong belief is that “Architecture created is comparable to an emergent poetry arising from the fine application of patterns, generative principals and refraction”. Ketan’s qualifications, experience and expertise in his field assist him in the enhancement of aesthetics and structural combinations. Utilization of a vailable resources is the key, which ensures work and client satisfaction, a perfectly blended composition. Qualification Bachelor Degree in Architecture (with Distinction) Second In Shivaji University, Maharashtra, INDIA Registered Professional Architect, INDIA Apart from Architecture, his interest varies from Painting, theatre, Acting, Direction, Photography and Mountaineering and have bagged many national awards for the same.

Studio K-7

When innovation and creativity is the main stay of a design studio, each completed work is more of an art piece than space design. Each project different from the other and hence exclusive! This is what one gets to experience when they step into hospitality outlets designed by team Studio K-7. With 17 International and 8 national awards, Studio K-7 is one of the top hospitality design teams across the country. Founded by Ketan Jawdekar, Studio is an amalgamation of young and dynamic entrepreneurs who would implement innovative ideas creating exquisite projects. This has, over the years, ensured a different and exclusive output each time that has resulted in absolute client and guest satisfaction. A complete design solution is achieved by keeping in mind, the client’s budget, individual tastes and Fusion Aided Contextual Designs that result in rewarding structures of world-class designs and out of the world experience adding unusual colours to life. Each design is visualized and achieved by following a simple agenda: . Elegance through simplicity in design . Optimization of experience . Trouble shooting with inspiring architecture and interiors. . Reflect overall theme with the context. . Harmonising with the environment . Effortless implementation . Cost effectiveness