Bo Zheng East travel Dissemination of oriental culture
East travel Dissemination of oriental culture is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
East travel Dissemination of oriental culture

The design of Journey to the East in mind the selection of traditional Chinese literature, Journey to the West as the theme, the four monks of the drama masturbation face mosaic image of abstract expression in the wine packaging on the show, the Chinese drama, classical literature and traditional liquor Like very representative of the Chinese cultural elements in a more fashionable way of integration, the East through a different interpretation of design to convey to the world.

East travel Dissemination of oriental culture
Bo Zheng East travel
Bo Zheng Dissemination of oriental culture
Bo Zheng design
Bo Zheng design
Bo Zheng

His name is Bo Zheng, currently living in Shenzhen, China. He graduated from college in 2014 as an art student, and has been working in an Chinese design company-Oracle Creative Design company since then. As a designer, Bo Zheng has great interest not only in graphic design and product design, but also in contemporary art. Because of that, he is able to design his own works that can differentiate from other designers', by blending with his unique perspective towards modern art. He won IF Product Design Award in 2017.

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SHENZHEN ORACLE CREATIVE DESIGN CO.,LTD (referred to as the ancient text of creative OCD) was established in August 8, 2006. Is a dedicated design of the original design of the design platform for institutions, adhering to the "original strength, and different" design values and "minimalist" design concept, abide by the original design of the spirit of innovation, focusing on business cost awareness, Strategic planning, graphic design, product design, graphic design, interactive design, fashion design, architectural design, art comprehensive design and other fields. Always the product market sales and brand strategy to grow as a measure of the design of the only indicators.