Roland Rekeczki Beres Tokaj Wine Label
Beres Tokaj Wine Label is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Beres Tokaj Wine Label

The wine label design was inspired by the drop shaped logo of the winery's parent company. The company is a pharmaceutical company whose first product was the Beres Drops. The central element of the design is cut drop, which occurs as a continuation of two arcs. The arches symbolize the fertile hills of the area from which the wine was born, which appears as a drop. The line pattern represents the vine stocks. The base wines are colorful, youthful, the premium wines are more severe, distinguished by more subdued colors and metallic stamp foils from each other.

Beres Tokaj Wine Label
Roland Rekeczki Beres Tokaj
Roland Rekeczki Wine Label
Roland Rekeczki design
Roland Rekeczki design
Beres Tokaj

The Béres Estate is a youthful, dynamic winery, adding great colour to Tokaj. We are convinced that both the Tokaj wine and Béres Drops have at least one feature in common: they are both genuine Hungaricums. It is a respectful, noble and responsible endeavour to build and develop the values, prestige and reputation of a Hungaricum. This is what we attempted when buying an estate in the picturesque village of Erdőbénye in the unique Tokaj Wine Region where we set out to develop a winery.