smallna NoWINA Wine Bar
NoWINA Wine Bar is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
NoWINA Wine Bar

NoWINA is a wine bar, restaurant and a gallery of wine culture objects and vintage furniture in the heart of Warsaw. Artistic light installations combined with collections of old bottles, corkscrews and industrial lamps are the key elements of the wine bar environment. There are hundreds of wine artefacts displayed in 17 vitrines. The wine shop is an architectural steel and glass cube surrounded by 100-year-old walls. There are stair shelves up to the ceiling carrying around 3000 bottles. NoWINA also offers an underground space where jazz concerts are played and wine tastings are organised.

NoWINA Wine Bar
smallna NoWINA
smallna Wine Bar
smallna design
smallna design

smallna is a design studio, vintage gallery and complex contractor. pure vintage & latest solutions, industrial design & handmade finishing, contemporary projects & realization in every detail is a clue of smallna's activity. There is one of a kind story standing behind every single project created by piotr ploski and realized by his skilled team. Sculptures, light installations art pieces, vintage for collectors, objects with historic backgound are the basis of creation. Design studio emphasizes the idea of building strong image with added values. smallna has international presense and delivers full service for clients in Poland, France, UK, US.


Designing is not the goal, the most challenging is making our ideas done. smallna run by Piotr Ploski is the team of great professionals with wide range of skills. Using synergy of individual artists, graphic designers, architects, mechanics, photographers, painters, ironmen, rally drivers, friends, even really difficult projects can be carried out by smallna, with added value. Design studio existing in revitalized tenement house, at old part of Warsaw, exhibits the collection of XX century pieces, niche and classics. smallna gallery presents vintage displays in few places simultaneously: No4 design and architecture studio, Risky Shop-fashion and design showroom, Nieporecka-artistic community. Studio provides unique concepts with whole process of realization, building, constructing, implementing, finishing and creating smallest details. There is a different story standing behind every project. Peter dedicates each client one of a kind light installation what make interior very individual and recognizable. Ideas are based on pure vintage furniture, lighting, sculptures and objects combined with latest solutions. It as a kind of dialogue of the past with future. Mixing materials, techniques, tailor made finishing and precise machine cut is the key to unexpected result. Collage of rare objects, design pieces, industrial design and art installations is a specific language in realized concepts. Trust and freedom given by smallna's clients enable to create uncompromising projects.