Tomoatsu Hattori Km05 Multifunctional Website design
Km05 Multifunctional Website design is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Km05 Multifunctional Website design

We linked the passing of time and the movement of a person with the scrolling of the mouse in order to express the person waking up from a pleasant sleep. In addition, each pushing of the button expresses each movement during sleep and the time advances according to the number of buttons pressed. Each image represents the person waking  up from a comfortable sleep. We aim to enhance the understanding of the users of our product by presenting the product in a bold and striking way.

Km05 Multifunctional Website design
Tomoatsu Hattori Km05
Tomoatsu Hattori Multifunctional Website design
Tomoatsu Hattori design
Tomoatsu Hattori design
Tomoatsu Hattori

A design firm based out of Nagoya, Japan specializing in graphic, web, and product design.we are doing the job of the biggest company in Japan from a small company. It is not a big project, but by doing business with us, we are doing work that increases value. budget also plays a certain role in these decisions, but there have been some projects where we just loved the idea or product and wanted to create something awesome.

Kitamura Japan Inc.

Kitamura Makura has been founded in Japan since1923. Over 90 years of experience in working with one of the three fundamental human desires—sleep, we have accumulated our understanding of sleep in general as well as sleep-related issues. Good sleep makes people happy. So we make a pillow that be called Makura in Japan. We believe that our expertise is valuable in assisting quality sleep and in promoting joyful life.