Ketan Jawdekar Effingut Brewerkz Restaurant and Bar
Effingut Brewerkz Restaurant and Bar is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Category.
Effingut Brewerkz Restaurant and Bar

After the successful story of one outlet, Effingut Brewerkz continues its journey with second outlet. Beers with Attitude, Revolution and Ambiance with a twist; Thats Effingut. While you cheer Manchester, you would be happy to find Archie comics in the book shelf. Designers have used plenty of wood that one can smell. Backdrop of speaker wall and the curve mirrors in washrooms is what one has to experience personally. A table hanging from the wall to “make you feel in air” on special occasions is amazing to see how bold and far an designer can go. It is combination of retro and modern feel.

Effingut Brewerkz Restaurant and Bar
Ketan Jawdekar Effingut Brewerkz
Ketan Jawdekar Restaurant and Bar
Ketan Jawdekar design
Ketan Jawdekar design
Ketan Jawdekar

Born artist and architect by profession, Ketan is a founder and creative director of Studio K-7 having over 27 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior design. His tangential thinking and the abstract approach towards design have won many accolades and have delivered some of the world- class projects. His strong belief is that “Architecture created is comparable to an emergent poetry arising from the fine application of patterns, generative principals and refraction”. Ketan’s qualifications, experience and expertise in his field assist him in the enhancement of aesthetics and structural combinations. Utilization of a vailable resources is the key, which ensures work and client satisfaction, a perfectly blended composition. Qualification Bachelor Degree in Architecture (with Distinction) Second In Shivaji University, Maharashtra, INDIA Registered Professional Architect, INDIA Apart from Architecture, his interest varies from Painting, theatre, Acting, Direction, Photography and Mountaineering and have bagged many national awards for the same.

Effingut Brewerkz Pvt.Ltd.

Its quite a journey. An epic celebration of being able to brew the best beer in the world; beers that get you going and ignite that spark of revolution. It is our endeavour to present to all of you beers that make you proud. We want to make beer with attitude; beers that we would love to drink. Beers that are Alive. Beers with Attitude. Revolution. Tha’s Effingut. We love tinkering around. Get an absolute kick in hitting on the right blend. Experimentation is our God. Revolution is mantra. No formulas exist for us as they never should. We just want to make our own tracks away from conventional thought. Craft Beer. Effingut. All vision, all taste. Walk tall and learn to speak the Effingut lingo. Speak Craft Beer.