Ahmed Taha Capital Mixed-Use Building
Capital Mixed-Use Building is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Capital Mixed-Use Building

A mix of uses - residential, offices and retails - creates an iconic building. The form of the tower was determined by its suitability to this mix configuration: the floor plates at the bottom for restaurants, hotel and offices at the end of building. The Sloping glass facades define the shape, visual quality of the tower and maximizing the sea view toward the west side. The neutrality, lightness and purity have been created by internal atrium in the heart of project encouraging human interaction as well green terraces created to reduce carbon footprint, filter the air entering the building.

Capital   Mixed-Use Building
Ahmed Taha Capital
Ahmed Taha  Mixed-Use Building
Ahmed Taha design
Ahmed Taha design
Ahmed Taha

Founder and Principal of Collaborative Architects + Partners. He combines more than 18 years of experience in the middle east with deep strategic insight and a strong commitment to the architecture of winning new assignments. Taha received his Master of Architecture degree from Cairo university and was honored with the Society of Egyptian Architects award in 2005. in 2017, he has been awarded the A design award & competition from Italy and his design was selected for the shortlisted future residential projects in world architecture festival in Berlin, and awarded the international property award for best mixed use building in the middle - east & arabia from london. In 2018, he has been awarded the German Design award for the best mixed use design of capital tower project from Frankfurt, the award organized by German design council. Taha constantly strives to give value back to cities and their residents. Taking a context-driven approach to the design process, he tackles every project based on the conviction that architecture must speak directly to users and give back to the society in which it exists.

Collaborative Architects + Partners

Collaborative Architects + Partners is an architectural and engineering design firm. based on Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. with over 50 employees. Our work strives to enhance our sense of place, Our design methodology is rooted in our core values. At the heart of all of our work is a commitment to shaping the built environment both in the service of humanism and the longevity of our planet. Our approach is sensitive to location and culture, often combining the latest advances in building technology with techniques drawn from vernacular tradition