Alexander Wong Architects White Futura Cinema
White Futura Cinema is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
White Futura Cinema

“White Futura” is the second cinema in Shanghai alone designed for China Film Cinema City. This unique Cinema embodies a series of mind-blowing & complex concepts involving the Nature of our Universe (or Multiverse), it’s all about curves, exploded as well as folded elements, all giant in size. Designers were inventing distorted spheres and bubble-like spatial caverns (or negative entities) constantly in tension, creating a dynamic space that is taut with drama, and powerfully futuristic.

White Futura Cinema
Alexander Wong Architects White Futura
Alexander Wong Architects Cinema
Alexander Wong Architects design
Alexander Wong Architects design
Alexander Wong Architects

ALEXANDER WONG is an Award-Winning Architect & Architectural Writer based in Hong Kong. A post-graduate from Princeton University, he established his own design firm Alexander Wong Architects in 2001. Wong specializes designing Luxury Homes for A-List Clients in the Movie Industry as well as creating theme-based Cinema Complexes. In December 2016, Alexander Wong Architects made history by winning the Top Award with “World’s Best Interior Design” at the International Property Awards in London.

China Film Cinema

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