Juan Ferreras Juan Ferreras Website
Juan Ferreras Website is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Juan Ferreras Website

A personal website for Juan Ferreras, a designer and developer from Argentina. He purposely wanted his website to be more about who he is rather than what professional projects he has engaged in the past. The website visually exploits the duality concept of being both a designer and a developer at the same time and emphasizes how both roles complement each other.

Juan Ferreras Website
Juan Ferreras Juan Ferreras
Juan Ferreras Website
Juan Ferreras design
Juan Ferreras design
Juan Ferreras

Juan Ferreras has always been design-driven; ever since he created his first website at the age of 15, he's always been excited with the idea of crafting something that people can interact with. He's an Information Systems Engineering Student as he believes great products are more than just good ideas carefully executed through good design. Software still is and will always be the engine powering them,


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