Co.Studio Andrew Faucet
Andrew Faucet is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Andrew Faucet

The faucet design was born from the sense that something was lacking in the search for a contemporary line of taps full of character for our projects. Working closely with rvb®, the studio was able to make their wishes a reality. The handle is completely integrated into the shape of the tap, which is not just a functional feature but ultimately determines the purity of its form as well. Water flow is instinctive at 5,6 l/min and 3 bar restricted. A joystick ceramic cartridge forms the internal mechanism. Finishings like matte black or bronze define and articulate the minimal design

Andrew Faucet
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Co.Studio design

Co.Studio, founded in Antwerp in 1998, specialises in interior design and architecture with the associated product design. The designers aim for strong, timeless pieces with a sophisticated and detailed image, always reduced to their pure essence. This intention is encapsulated in every design created by the founders Christian van Suetendael and Gert van den Steen. By maintaining a continuous open and personal dialogue with their clients, CoStudio manages to identify the practical challenges of tomorrow. In a way of resolving these challenges, Co.Studio embeds within each space a convertible spectrum of potential functions—work, residence or leisure—pushing any space beyond its limitations and to its full potential.


rvb®, Belgian tap manufacturer since 1935, rvb©’s innovations are based on a constant endeavour to develop original, high-end taps that combine a rigorous selection of refined material such as solid brass with impeccable quality finishes. In their Brussels workshop, they master the creation of faucets from the first sketch all the way to industrial production where they enforce without compromise a high quality control, which result from decades of experience and testing in real-life conditions.