Rtrn Branding & Activation Over de Vloed Website
Over de Vloed Website is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Over de Vloed Website

Festival Over de Vloed is a three-day festival in the Netherlands with events at several places along 90 kilometers of UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea coastline. As first editions go, it needed a program, an identity and a website appealing to both prospected participants and visitors. The design is in direct reference to the festival's close proximity to the sea. It allows scrolling along 90 kilometers of sea dike, plotting festival participants and events alike. The color scheme of green, red and blue derives from the provincial flag of Groningen, where the festival is held.

Over de Vloed Website
Rtrn Branding & Activation Over de Vloed
Rtrn Branding & Activation Website
Rtrn Branding & Activation design
Rtrn Branding & Activation design
Festival Over de Vloed

Festival About Flood is a public festival commissioned by the province of Groningen, stretching along 90 kilometers of UNESCO coastline. Its first edition was in June 2016; three days of celebrations in several locations along 90 kilometers of dike. With the festival taking place directly behind the seawall it has a maritime character. So the inspiration for the visual language and design was found in signal flags fluttering in the wind, with a color palette coming straight from the Groningen province flag: red, green and blue. Regional pride with a top regional allure. The festival website enables visitors to scroll along the festival area. It highlights events and specific areas of interest, which can be added to each individual festival program. The website went live by the end of February. In three months it attracted over 22,000 visitors. A third of the website visitors actually attended the festival. As first editions go, the proof of the pudding was in the eating. With over 7,000 visitors the Festival organization, participants and visitors look back with satisfaction, all agreeing that the festival deserves a sequel. One visitor ascribed the festival's success to having established a sense of community.