Rao Feiyun Harmony sustainable Bamboo pen
Harmony sustainable Bamboo pen is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Harmony sustainable Bamboo pen

Bamboo is a renewable resource, its growth cycle is very short,there are a lot of bamboo resources in China, as the environment becomes worse and worse,The use of renewable resources is particularly important.The design of a pen reference the simple structure of Chinese traditional bamboo clip, which including two same bamboo,and connected by a torsion spring, It simplifies the process of replacing the cartridge greatly. On the other hand, brush pot can also be used as a clip,This is a sustainable design and can to promote the harmony of human and nature.

Harmony sustainable Bamboo pen
Rao Feiyun Harmony
Rao Feiyun sustainable Bamboo pen
Rao Feiyun design
Rao Feiyun design
Rao Feiyun

His name is Rao Feiyun, from the Wuhan University of Technology, who won the IF design talent award2017, He loves nature, and think we should take some actions to protect our environment, so he So he decided to bring into action, let us live in harmony with nature through a simple design, He wants to be a teacher to teach design of the school's students, let more people to understand the relationship between design and nature.

Wuhan university of technology

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