Delphine Goyon Gabriel Meffre Bottle of Wine
Gabriel Meffre Bottle of Wine is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
Gabriel Meffre Bottle of Wine

Aroma creates the graphic identity for the collector's bowl Gabriel Meffre which celebrates 80 years. We worked on a characteristic design of the 30s of the time, symbolized graphically by a woman with a glass of wine. The color plates used are accented by embossing and hot foil stamping to accentuate the collector's side of the collection.

Gabriel Meffre  Bottle of Wine
Delphine Goyon Gabriel Meffre
Delphine Goyon Bottle of Wine
Delphine Goyon design
Delphine Goyon design
Gabriel Meffre

In their vilage, Gigondas, Gabrielle Meffre and his wife Juliette were among the first to lunch their activity as winemaker in 1936. As a clear-sighted man, Gabriel realised the potential exent of the futur designation of the Rhône Valley (la vallée du Rhône in French) and the importance of the wine quality control -from the vine to the commercialisation-.