Bahar Bostancı Meow Cat Nutrition
Meow Cat Nutrition is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Meow Cat Nutrition

There are lots of products in the market for pets.But it is really hard to find a special product designed for street animals which need much more help from human kind.Meow is a packaging design; supplies the needs of stray cats ‘Cat Food’ and ‘Water’.It is specialized for cats but can be adapted for birds or dogs too.The main point is to create an alternative packaging idea to solve an existing problem which can lead to a life or death situation for a poor animal.

Meow Cat Nutrition
Bahar Bostancı Meow
Bahar Bostancı Cat Nutrition
Bahar Bostancı design
Bahar Bostancı design
Bahar Bostancı

Bahar Bostancı studied Industrial Design at Anadolu University. Afterwards she gained experience in many fields. Desining hotel equipments and service elements and creating interior layouts; furniture design; electronic products like television, notebook, satellite receiver; display design can be listed among these fields. Besides Industral Design, she worked on graphic design as well.With ‘Pearl User Interface’ designed for Vestel and Cabot Communications, she won Good Design Award in 2009. Beforehand she worked for advertising and commercial marketing agencies where she can design graphics along with industrial design . She believes; Every Good Design is based on a necessity.This necessity can be functional, visual, emotional or it just can be about budget constraints.A designer must comprehend these essentialness very well.

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