Atsuko Fukui Magic Jelly Swallowing Aid
Magic Jelly Swallowing Aid is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Magic Jelly Swallowing Aid

The world's first Swallowing Aid Jelly covers up the medicine and delivers it to stomach safely and smoothly while masking the taste and smell of the medicine. It enables patients to swallow multiple pills at once without clogging up the throat. Medicine is designed to take with water to prevent the interference with medicine efficacy, and to dissolve completely in the stomach. Magic Jelly which is made of natural ingredients works exactly as same as taking medicine with water. Magic Jelly containes no sugar, no allergens, low in calories, no artificial color or additives.

Magic Jelly  Swallowing Aid
Atsuko Fukui Magic Jelly
Atsuko Fukui Swallowing Aid
Atsuko Fukui design
Atsuko Fukui design
Atsuko Fukui

As a pharmacist and Pharm.D., the designer invented the products from consumer’s stand point. She had made sure of the safety and effectiveness of the product first as a priority, then cultivated a new market category specifically for this product. She proudly present her product to the world. She have a strong will to accomplish goals, and value communicating and the network relationship with people.

Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.

Ryukakusan is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company known as its bestselling family medicine. Back in the late Edo era in Japan, more than 200 years ago, the doctor for local lord in Akita Domain invented cough medicine for his master who was suffering from asthma. According to the local history book, it lessened the symptom of the master immediately. That was the origin of Ryukakusan as a company we well as a product. The doctor who invented this medicine was the ancestor of the current president of the Fujii family. For over 2 centuries, the secrecy of the production method has been passed down to successive generations within them. At the time of Meiji Restoration, along with the abolition of the domain, the medicine was granted to the family of Fujii. In 1871, the family established the business at the present location at Kanda, Tokyo. Then, 20 years later, the product's remedy of fine powdered formula was finalized. Soon after, Ryukakusan gained popularity as a cough medicine among people in Japan. After the World War II Ryukakusan was known among Asian countries and the import trading started. Over time, Ryukakusan had established itself as a throat specializing company. Among other popular products are: Ryukakusan Direct, Ryukakusan Throat Refreshing Candy, Swallowing Aid Jelly. They also manufacture ethical drugs. Currently, the company has 120 employees and owns a well facilitate factory in Chiba prefecture, Japan. The 8th generation of the president Fujii still maintains the traditional family owned company style, and will continue to be so with the pride and obligation.