Jonathan Chong Dan Sultan Magnetic Music Video
Dan Sultan Magnetic Music Video is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Dan Sultan Magnetic Music Video

The music video Magnetic is a hybrid of new media technologies; 3D printing, projection mapping, stop motion and 3D animation. It is a performance clip with a 3D representation of the musician Dan Sultan as a sculptural bust. Through out the video the bust transforms and becomes a "living work of art". Two months in the making, over 60 individual 3D printed pieces and over 2700 photos.

Dan Sultan Magnetic Music Video
Jonathan Chong Dan Sultan Magnetic
Jonathan Chong Music Video
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Jonathan Chong design
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Dropbear is a film and animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded by designer/filmmaker Jonathan Chong, Dropbear creates outstanding moving-image pieces for clients across the commercial, community, cultural and music industries. We collaborate with animators, illustrators, art directors and other craftspeople to deliver unique, charming, and entertaining stories. Our experience spans live action film, motion-graphics and animation, with a specialisation in stop-motion. We are passionate about great ideas underpinned by strong craftsmanship. Our attention to detail means we go beyond expectations to deliver the best possible outcome on each and every project. No frame goes unturned!