Biwei Zhu Source Of Life Poster
Source Of Life Poster is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Source Of Life Poster

This series of public service posters about marine animals and water protection is created for providing a visual communicative solution to the phenomena above. Pure water were dropped on clean glass, shaped in different images of marine animals which look beautiful but tender because they would disappear in just 3-5 seconds as the drops dried out. This design is expected to be shown in various mass media like commercials, products packages and web site design etc. in the hope that this visual communication initiates more people to take an action to protect water resources and marine animals.

Source Of Life Poster
Biwei Zhu Source Of Life
Biwei Zhu Poster
Biwei Zhu design
Biwei Zhu design
Wilbur Studio

Interpreting culture and voicing for the heart behind, Wilbur Studio founded by designer Biwei Zhu focuses on visual communication especially exhibition design. It aims at realizing a balance between real life and art, survival and development, the traditional and the modern through a delicate balance between Two-dimensional vision and Three-dimensional space. Starting with heart it hopes to find and solve problems in life by creative thinking.