Teodora McDonald Jevtic Reader Collection Lamps
Reader Collection Lamps is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Reader Collection Lamps

Reader Collection is a series of bedside lamps. The collection consists of six lamps available in different types of wood and metal: cherry, oak and walnut combined with stainless steel or brass. The idea behind Reader is inspired by mechanism of canvas easel, simplicity of movement. The lamp allows the user to manually adjust the direction of light. The light can be easily adjusted to different positions which emits direct or indirect light, depending on the function to be achieved.

Reader Collection Lamps
Teodora McDonald Jevtic Reader Collection
Teodora McDonald Jevtic Lamps
Teodora McDonald Jevtic design
Teodora McDonald Jevtic design
Teodora McDonald Jevtic

Teodora Jevtic born on March 27, 1989 is young interior architect and industrial designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. She completed her Bachelor Degree at College of Advertisement and Design, at Department of Interior Architecture and Design in Brussels, Belgium in 2013. During her bachelor Degree she had numerous internships in different architecture and design companies as well as carpenters and artisans in Belgium and Serbia. In December 2014 she completed her Master Studies in Industrial Design at Scuola Politecnica in Milan, Italy. Strait after graduating from Scuola Politecnica she worked at design studio Triumph Design and Consulting in Milan. She worked on numerous projects designing office furniture for different Japanese companies and worked on architecture projects based in China. After getting a good experience she opened her own studio in 2016 based in Belgrade, Serbia under the name Teodora Jevtic. Interior Architecture & Design where she is currently working on her own furniture line and assisting interior architecture projects. Her first exhibition was at Belgrade Furniture Fair in November 2016 where she exhibited her design projects among which was ''Reader Collection.

Teodora Jevtić. Interior Architecture & Design

Teodora Jevtić. Interior Architecture & Design is interior architecture and product design studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. The studio specialises in interiors, furniture and lighting design. The studio exhibited for the first time at Belgrade Furniture Fair in November 2016 few projects. The studio collaborates with different artisans, carpenters and metal workers in order to produces its own products. Teodora's approach follows simplicity and minimalism combined with physical interaction. The relationship between the user and the object set in a particular environment influences her creative thinking. She designs by analyzing wants and needs and seeks inspiration from art, fashion photography. Focusing on quality, exquisite designs, she is looking for a way to make our lives more interesting. In a creative and artistic approach each project in interior architecture and design has its own unique and personal story. When designing interior architecture, she focuses on the ‘design’ of the relationship between space and people. Through her ideas she is trying to please people who live in these spaces, and create something that is unique for them.