jekyll & hyde Widiba font Corporate identity
Widiba font Corporate identity is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Widiba font Corporate identity

Widiba is a Bank which operates mainly online. The Bank’s payoff is “no ordinary bank” and it conveys the innovative aim of the company. They designed for them an institutional rounded typeface to help strengthen the brand identity in all communication fields. Widiba rounded font-family is set up in four weights: light, book, medium and bold. Moreover, to obtain more flexibility for various applications, they created also a serif version and a condensed one, both of which develops in just one weight.

Widiba font Corporate identity
jekyll & hyde Widiba font
jekyll & hyde Corporate identity
jekyll & hyde design
jekyll & hyde design
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jekyll & hyde is an Italian graphic design and communication studio founded in 1996 by Marco Molteni and Margherita Monguzzi. The studio approach to design is based on close cooperation with clients, coordinated target-oriented planning and connection of all visual languages and media. jekyll and hyde designs for Italian and multinational companies and institutions, ranging from technology to music and contemporary art.

Widiba S.p.A.

Widiba offers a fully customisable online platform and a network of 600 Financial Advisors present throughout Italy. The bank made its debut on the market in September 2014, after a year exchanging ideas with more than 150,000 users, who contributed actively to its development: from the conceptionand selection of the name (WIse-DIalog-BAnk) to the submission of 3,500 ideas that were then transformed into the products and services offered to our clients. Widiba is a fully comprehensive bank that combines a technology platform with the professional advice of its Personal Advisors who listen carefully to our clients and take care in building deep and long-lasting relationships.