ARTTA Concept Studio GH Citywalk Cinema
GH Citywalk Cinema is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
GH Citywalk Cinema

Golden Harvest Citywalk has a sophisticated and minimalistic concept, by stitching together the scattered spaces of this cinema and unifying them as one - to create a seamless and innovative design. There is a balance between aesthetic beauty and functional use, from the use of dynamic lines to create a sculptured pattern flowing throughout the ceiling so that the cinema also has a smooth orientation.

GH Citywalk Cinema
ARTTA Concept Studio GH Citywalk
ARTTA Concept Studio Cinema
ARTTA Concept Studio design
ARTTA Concept Studio design
ARTTA Concept Studio

ARTTA Concept Studio is an International Multi-Award Winning innovative interior.architecture design firm based in Hong Kong, established in 2010 by Arthur Tang. He graduated at The University of New South Wales with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture. The philosophy behind ARTTA comes from the word ART that defines our soul and with Architecture being our intelligence, combining these together bringing ART To Architecture. Our team are built from talented individuals who have been trained globally and have unified together to work seamlessly to create projects with craftsmanship, timelessness and endless possibilities; designs that have their own characteristics.