Matvey Evstigneev Qoobi One Wireless Tube Pre Amp
Qoobi One Wireless Tube Pre Amp is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Qoobi One Wireless Tube Pre Amp

The Qoobi design concept originated from the desire to create a unit that is a world apart from any existing sound devices. The design of Qoobi combines two contrast but harmonic natures. Acute sides of a metal figure appear to be frozen into a glass prism. However, being heated, vacuum tubes seem to be melting the glass to enhance the outside world with the warmth and liveliness of music. The main focus was on its usability, reliability, and its sound excellence along with its appealing design. This unique concept is the source of pride to the Qoobi team.

Qoobi One Wireless Tube Pre Amp
Matvey Evstigneev Qoobi One
Matvey Evstigneev Wireless Tube Pre Amp
Matvey Evstigneev design
Matvey Evstigneev design
Matvey Evstigneev

Matvey Evstigneev is a graphic and industrial designer residing in Moscow, Barcelona and Amsterdam. He is widely known as the creator of a large number of musical covers, movie posters, as well as various printing publications. He has vast experience in television as the leading designer. As a graphic designer, Matvey worked on such major international events as the Olympic Games, the Eurovision song contest and other.

Qoobi B.V.

Qoobi B.V. is a Holland based audio-tech startup located in Almere near Amsterdam. Qoobi was founded in 2016 by three enthusiasts with the desire to create a company that could design, technically develop and produce high-tech audio devices. Qoobi mission is to give people opportunity to wirelessly enjoy music not only on a small portable Bluetooth speakers, but to enjoy Hi-End tube sound on their home stereo systems with the same quality as more expensive audio devices.